The New Age Anti-Vaxx Fiasco

Richard Anderson is a staunch anti-vaxxer. [1] Do not be one yourself. The anti-vaxx movement of the New Age left is an embarrassing fiasco.

The tragic irony is that vaccines are actually an excellent example of natural medicine. The active ingredient is a natural substance that has no pharmaceutical effect. Actually, the one "pharmaceutical effect", if you want to call it that, is simply the body's own immune system teaching itself how to defend itself from the virus. The additives are inconsequential, and adverse reactions are no more possible or severe than your favorite herbal supplement or superfood. It is a strange thing indeed that New Agers like Richard Anderson love homeopathy but hate vaccines.[2] Vaccines are an excellent example of the homeopathic principal of "like cures like". Only that it actually works unlike homeopathy.

If you are looking for something unnatural to blame for your child's autism then blame antibiotics and mucusforming foods. According to the science, the actual cause of autism is most likely an unhealthy gut microbiome, not vaccines.


[1] See page 22 of his book Cleanse & Purify Thyself Book One.

[2] See page 126 and page 22 of his book Cleanse & Purify Thyself Book One.


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