I Eliminated Damaged Pink Mucosa

Take a look at this:
It's a colectomy specimen from Qiao's Pathology. I got it from flickr.com. It depicts yellow pseudomembranes on top of a pink material. Disregard the yellow pseudomembranes for a moment. Notice that there is what looks like a thick pink material lining the colon. I think I eliminated that. Here is a specimen I eliminated using the NAC cleanse:
It has the same pink color and texture as what you see in that colectomy specimen. And it can't possibly be the psyllium I ingested because it has no psyllium flecks. The colon is not supposed to look like that. Here is what a healthy colon is supposed to look like:
That's why I think it is remarkable that the pathologist, Jian-Hua Qiao, commented in detail about the yellow pseudomembranes but did not comment in detail about the pink material that it is on top of even though the pink material is a much larger structure. Actually, he did sort of comment about it, but it was in an indirect way. He indicated that the pseudomembranes was on top of "damaged colonic mucosa". Mucoid cap, of course, forms over superficially damaged areas of the mucosa.


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