The Essene Gospel of Peace is a Fake

Richard Anderson was a fan of The Essene Gospal of Peace. It talks about how Jesus cured the sick by teaching them to fast, to eat a raw vegan diet (except for goat's milk) and how to give themselves enemas to remove "hard and soft abominations" and intestinal worms. A guy named Edmond Bordeaux Szekely claims he translated it from an ancient text he discovered in the Vatican.

Edmond Szekely is lying to you. It's not an ancient text. He made it all up, and I can prove it to you. If you compare Arnold Ehret's book Mucusless Diet Healing System with The Essene Gospel of Peace, you will see that they mirror each other exceptionally well. See the comparisons for yourself:

✟ Arnold Ehret used the "Flame of Life" metaphor. The Essene Gospel of Peace used the "fire of life" metaphor.

✟ They both say that you will not be able to get into heaven unless you physically cleanse the inside of your body. For example, Arnold Ehret said: "But you cannot pass the gate, watched over by the angel with the flaming sword, until you have gone through the purgatory (cleansing fire) of fasting and diet of healing - cleansing, a physiological purifying, by the 'Flame of Life' in your own body!". Compare this to The Essene Gospel of Peace which says: "No man may come before the face of God whom the angel of water lets not pass." If you look at the context, you will see that the angel of water is an enema.

✟ They both teach eating foods only in season and not eating more than three kinds of foods at one time. For example, Arnold Ehret said: "No animal when eating combines different foods at the same time . . . The ideal and at the same time most natural method of eating for man is one kind of fresh fruit, in season . . . In general, it is best never to use more than three kinds with the same combination." Compare this to The Essene Gospel of Peace which says: "Be content with two or three sorts of food, which you will find always upon the table of our Earthly Mother."

✟ They both preach obeying nature's law. For example, Arnold Ehret talks about returning to the "laws of Nature". Compare this to The Essene Gospel of Peace which says "Keep, therefore, her laws". If you look at the context, "her" is referring to the Earthly Mother, which is Mother Nature.

✟ Arnold Ehret talks about making "reparation" or "compensation" for years of wrong eating. The Essene Gospel of Peace talks about paying your "debts" for years of wrong eating.

✟ They both say one should eat the same diet spoken of in the Garden of Eden story.

✟ Arnold Ehret suggests that Jesus Christ's "so-called miracles of healing" were actually done by fasting and raw vegan foods. This is precisely what The Essene Gospel of Peace is saying.

What do you think? It looks pretty damning to me. Arnold Ehret's book says Mucusless Diet Healing System was completed in 1922, the same year of his death. This is before Edmond Szekely claims he discovered, translated, and first published The Essene Gospel of Peace. It looks like Edmond Szekely fraudulently tried to make Arnold Ehret's novel ideas about "Christ's life and teachings" become a reality.


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  1. I challenge the claim that the Essene Gospel is fake because I have read various occult books which mention the very same concepts, some going back hundreds of years.