A Close Look At Richard Anderson's Cleanse Program

In case you did not know, you can buy Richard Anderson's cleanse program at www.ariseandshine.com. It has become somewhat of a defacto standard. And it does work. I've seen it remove substantial chunks of mucoid plaque.

The work horse of his cleanse program are his two herbal formulas "chomper" and "herbal nutrition", which you are supposed to take together. He refuses to divulge detailed information about how to make it or how his formulas work. However, we know from the labels that Chomper contains:
  • cascara sagrada (bark)
  • plantain (leaf)
  • barberry (root bark)
  • sheep sorrel (leaf)
  • fennel (seed)
  • ginger (root)
  • turkey rhubarb (root)
  • red raspberry (leaf)
  • baikal skullcap (root)
  • myrrh gum (resin)
  • lobelia (leaf)
  • cayenne pepper (fruit)
and that Herbal Nutrition contains:
  • milk thistle (seed)
  • turmeric (root)
  • burdock (root)
  • red clover (aerial parts)
  • dandelion (root)
  • chickweed (leaf)
  • cleavers (herb)
  • yarrow (aerial parts)
  • uva ursi (leaf)
  • alfalfa (leaf)
  • marshmallow (root)
  • irish moss (whole)
  • kelp (leaf)
And there is literature explaining what some of these herbs are purported to do. According to Robert Gray, plantain leaf has significant gastrointestinal mucolytic activity when used by itself and will also augment or induce the gastrointestinal mucolytic activity of certain other herbs such as barberry bark, red clover flowers, chickweed, and irish moss.[1] According to John Christopher, lobelia will form synergistic combinations with many different herbs (thus increasing their effectiveness).[1] And Richard Anderson mentioned that cayenne pepper increases the effectiveness of other herbs that are used with them. So I'm guessing that these are the most important active ingredients of his herbal formulas. The rest of the herbs appear to provide a supportive role to deal with such issues as gas, bloating, peristalsis, diarrhea, constipation, swelling, parasites, the liver etc.

You can read the details on how to take his program here. It basically involves taking a psyllium and bentonite drink on an empty stomach in the morning then one and a half hours later taking the herbs (both Chomper and Herbal Nutrition together) on an empty stomach then one and a half hours later taking the psyllium and bentonite drink on an empty stomach then one and a half hours later taking the herbs again on an empty stomach, etc. You can eat a mucusless diet for lunch and supper if you need to; just make sure it is one and a half hours before and after anything else.

There is a major problem with his herbal formulas that you should be mindful of. If you use it too often it will totally lose its effectiveness. I observed this myself. Robert Gray says that most herbs lose all effectiveness when taken over a period of eight to nine months. It will then take five to seven years of abstinence before maximum sensitivity is regained. He thinks this is because the body develops enzymes or antibodies that deactivate the active principles present in the herb. So make sure to not take the herbal formulas more than one third of the time; specifically, do not exceed two months of herbal ingestion followed by four months of abstinence. [2]


[1] See "The Colon Health Handbook" by Robert Gray. Go to page 46.

[2] See "The Colon Health Handbook" by Robert Gray. Go to pages 70-71.


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