Why Mucoid Plaque is Harmful

As I proved to you in my previous post, mucoid plaque is essentially eschar or slough mixed in with mucus. The rationale as to why one should remove this stuff from one's gastrointestinal tract has already been written. It's called debridement. A textbook [1] on wound healing explains: "The primary purpose of debridement is to reduce or remove dead and necrotic tissue that serves as a proinflammatory stimulus and a culture medium for bacterial growth".

In case you haven't heard yet, chronic inflammation [2] [3] and intestinal bacteria are the two leading suspects as to what ultimately causes a whole list of seemingly unrelated diseases. The Harvard Health Letter writes: "The four horsemen of the medical apocalypse — coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's — may be riding the same steed: inflammation". Do a search using the name of your favorite disease and the word "microbiome" or "microbiota". You will see that medical science seriously thinks that unhealthy bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract may be the ultimate cause of it. By the way, skeptics are still telling you that autointoxication is pseudoscience. This is not true. Medical science no longer thinks it's pseudoscience.[4] All of this research on the microbiome or microbiota is a revival of the autointoxication theory.

Natural healers have had success curing these types of diseases. Victor Earl Irons, the father of mucoid plaque removal, cured his own ankylosing spondylitis. He apparently did this by removing mucoid plaque from his gastrointestinal tract. [5] Benard Jensen, a student of his, published photographic evidence of his success at curing psoriasis by removing mucoid plaque from the gastrointestinal tract.[6]

Benard Jensen writes:
In addition, the accumulations on the bowel wall become a breeding ground for unhealthy bacterial life forms. They begin to multiply on this putrid, decaying material and the stage is set for serious consequences.
Now, Benard Jensen thought the accumulations was primarily feces mixed in with sticky mucus. But compare what he said to what the textbook Comprehensive Wound Management says about necrotic tissue. [7] On page 150 it says:
Putrid is reserved for a very strong, foul odor associated with decaying meat.
It is not partially digested meat eaten years ago that accumulates on the gastrointestinal wall. It is our own meat. It is our own necrotic epithelial cells mixed in with sticky mucus that accumulates on the mucosa. In a curious moment of insight, Benard Jensen did in fact say that it was loaded with "tissue" [8]

After 70 plus years of denial, medical science has finally acknowledged that autointoxication is a real health threat. [4] But I fear that they will once again give up on this theory once they find out that simply ingesting probiotics will not do anything. I think it is obvious that you have to remove the mucoid cap layer in order to have a healthy microbiota. The only way to truly clean an infected wound is to remove the necrotic tissue.


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  1. Would it make sense to remove mucoid plaque BEFORE repairing your gut microbioita? Which one should you do first?
    What do I do about constipation? It's making my gut healing much much more difficult?

  2. 1. Mucoid plaque removal and probiotic ingestion are not mutually exclusive. It is prudent to do both at the same time. If you are on a budget, you can ferment your own probiotics at a cheap price. It's called "cabbage rejuvelac". Robert Gray gives a recipe for it in his book.

    2. I was able to cure my constipation by drinking a glass of 100% pasteurized organic apple juice in the morning on an empty stomach and by doing Robert Gray's intestinal cleansing program.

  3. Good read thanks for sharing, I am on day 2 of the colon cleanse and lots of mucoid plaque and toxicity is being released!

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