Six Basic Enema Tips

Enemas are absolutely essential. They are a lifesaver that you can't do without. So you should start learning how to administer them. Here are six basic enema tips to get you started:

1. Get one of those stainless steal bucket enemas with silicone tubing. They are the best type of enemas. There are lots of different brands, and I don't know which one is best. But I use the Medisential brand. Amazon's choice is Aussie Health Co Enema Kit. I wash mine in a plastic tote after each use — I add soap to it and fill it with water in the tub. Be sure to wash the inside of the tubing as well with the soapy water and then rinse it with clear water so no soap residue remains. Over time you will see the tubing become moldy — just replace it with new silicone tubing. Do not buy those enemas that look like hot water bottles. They really suck.

2. It's better to have your own colema board than to visit a colon hydrotherapist. Read the article “An Outbreak of Amebiasis Spread by Colonic Irrigation at a Chiropractic Clinic”. From June 1978 through December 1980, at least 36 cases of amebiasis occurred in persons who had had colonic-irrigation therapy at a chiropractic clinic in western Colorado. Of 10 persons who required colectomy, six died. Tests of the colonic-irrigation machine after routine cleaning showed heavy contamination with fecal coliform bacteria. With your own colema board from Colema Boards of California you won't have this risk as long as no one else uses it. And it is just as effective as visiting a colon hydrotherapist.

3. Always use sanitized and unpolluted water. Never use chlorinated or fluoridated tap water — the chlorine will kill beneficial bacteria. Distilled water is the best. Alternatively, you can use unpolluted well water or unpolluted spring water as long as it is treated with ozonation, or if not, you boil it (then let it cool to body temperature) before using it. I, myself, purify chlorinated and fluoridated tap water with a Megahome water distiller. Remember, amebiasis is a very real and very dangerous concern, so make sure the water is always sanitized.

4. Do not use high pressure. You don't need it at all, and you risk perforating your bowel. So don't buy any of those expensive pressure controlled colon hydrotherapy devices. All you need is gravity fed water pressure, and you don't need to place the bucket very high at all. I just place my bucket on the bathroom counter which is 33.5 inches from the floor where I lie. You don't need it any higher than this.

5. Replace loss electrolytes and beneficial bacteria. Although I have not had any problems, there are reports that enemas can deplete your electrolyte reserves and wash away beneficial bacteria.

6. Use lubricant. I use cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil that I normally use for my meals.


I Eliminated Damaged Pink Mucosa

Take a look at this:
It's a colectomy specimen from Qiao's Pathology. I got it from It depicts yellow pseudomembranes on top of a pink material. Disregard the yellow pseudomembranes for a moment. Notice that there is what looks like a thick pink material lining the colon. I think I eliminated that. Here is a specimen I eliminated using the NAC cleanse:
It has the same pink color and texture as what you see in that colectomy specimen. And it can't possibly be the psyllium I ingested because it has no psyllium flecks. The colon is not supposed to look like that. Here is what a healthy colon is supposed to look like:
That's why I think it is remarkable that the pathologist, Jian-Hua Qiao, commented in detail about the yellow pseudomembranes but did not comment in detail about the pink material that it is on top of even though the pink material is a much larger structure. Actually, he did sort of comment about it, but it was in an indirect way. He indicated that the pseudomembranes was on top of "damaged colonic mucosa". Mucoid cap, of course, forms over superficially damaged areas of the mucosa.

Dark Brown Mucoid Plaque Lining The Colon

Take a look at this:
I got it from Colon Cancer Flashcards | Memorang. On the colon wall there is what looks like mucoid plaque like some cleansers have removed:
It's exactly the same in every way. Noone seems to have noticed this. A skeptic once said that he has a hard time believing that gastroenterologists, pathologists and medical students are all too dumb to see any mucoid plaque on the colon wall. Well believe it. They are that fucking stupid.

I Eliminated Pseudomembranes?

I think I did. Here is pseudomembranous colitis:
I got these images from this web site. See those yellow-white patches? The doctor referred to them as "pseudomembranes". They are embedded on top of a thick, pink gelatinous material, which the doctor is ignoring and I think should also be referred to as a pseudomembrane. Now take a look at what I eliminated using the NAC cleanse:
You will see a few white patches embedded on top of a thick gelatinous material. It's not very severe. But I think technically speaking they are pseudomembranes. Note that the thick gelatinous material can't possibly be the psyllium I ingested because there are no psyllium flecks.

A More Reasonable Explanation For a Peculiar Piece of Mucoid Plaque I Once Eliminated

Sometime after that bizarre experience I had with apple juice, I tried Richard Anderson's cleansing program . Although it was slow and frustrating, I managed to remove substantial chunks of mucoid plaque. Here is a peculiar one that I eliminated:
I'm looking at this and thinking that both sides don't know what they are talking about — I don't see anything in the photo that looks like feces, and you know as well as I that neither psyllium nor bentonite comes out looking like that. Look how black it is. Richard Anderson thinks the colors you see there has something to do with bile.[1] I have a more reasonable explanation I think.

That black stuff, I submit to you, is not black bile, one of the four humors of the body; it is liquified eschar, and it's mixed in with mucus and exudate. Necrotic tissue does in fact liquefy and mix in with exudate.[2] And experiments have shown that when albumin, a major component of exudate, is mixed in with mucus, it forms mucin-albumin complexes that is substantially more viscous than mucus or albumin alone [3] — that's what that amber jelly-like material on the left is I think. Now Forstner demonstrated that when a mucus-albumin mixture is exposed to an acidic pH (4.5 or lower), it forms into a dense white precipitate.[4] I'm guessing that's what all this white stuff might be:
What you see there is an endoscopy of a colon with acute ischemic colitis.[5] See that small black area on the right? I'm thinking that's an area at which enzymes, produced during active inflammation, dissolved away the mucus-exudate mixture that was covering up the liquified eschar underneath. If degration of the mucus-exudate mixture were to continue, I believe more of the liquified eschar (which itself is mixed in with mucus and exudate) will be revealed. Eventually, it could rehydrate and swell up to many times its own size and slough away from the mucosa resulting in a peculiar elimination such as the one I once eliminated.


[1] On page 93 of his book Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Book 2: Secrets of Radiant Health and Energy he writes: "In color, mucoid plaque can be gray, yellow, green or light green, or light brown to black, but often is blackish green, which may indicate a relationship to bile."

[2] On page 575 of the third edition of Today's Medical Assistant: Clinical & Administrative Procedures it says: "A purulent exudate contains pus, which consists of leukocytes, dead liquefied tissue debris, and dead and living bacteria." Also, on page 315 of the fourth edition of Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing it says: "Exudate from sloughing necrotic tissue is commonly attached to or connected with the necrotic debris . . . Liquefied necrotic tissue occurs most often as a result of enzymatic or autolytic debridement."

[3] See journal article called Enhancement of the viscosity of mucin by serum albumin. The doi is 10.1042/bj1750565.

[4] See pages 244-245 of journal article called “Intestinal Mucins in Health and Disease”. It was written by Forstner JF. The DOI is 10.1159/000198115. The PMID is 25218.

[5] See plate 81 in the fourth edition of "Clinical Gastroenterology" by Howard M. Spiro. The ISBN is 0-07-105434-0.

A Rock Wall Pattern of the Mucosa

I think I found a smoking gun. Here is an endocopy picture of someone's intesines I found on the web:
Notice that the mucosa has a rock wall pattern. Now here is a piece of mucoid plaque I eliminated using the NAC cleanse :
Zoom in on the left side of it — you will see a rock wall pattern. Here, I will zoom in on it for you:
See the rock wall pattern? It's the same pattern you see in the endoscopy picture. Neither psyllium nor bentonite produces this pattern. The whole area you see in that endoscopy picture is mucoid plaque, and the whole medical profession is too dumb to recognize it.

A Bizarre Experience I Had With Apple Juice

Many years ago I had a very unusual experience involving apple juice. The very first cleanse I ever did was actually Robert Gray's Holistic Horizons program. I followed the instructions exactly, but it was very disappointing — I didn't eliminate any mucoid plaque. However, I would go on to discover later that if I move up the levels faster than Robert Gray recommends, I could eliminate substantial chunks of mucoid plaque in a similar harsh manner as Richard Anderson's program. But for now I had to wait a few months (Robert Gray says that his herbs will become ineffective if you take them for too long at a time). So I looked for a non-herbal based cleanser to take in the meantime.

I found something. It was in a small book called "Dr. Christopher's Three-Day Cleansing Program, Mucusless Diet and Herbal Combinations". In his book Dr. Christopher described a three day fast involving ingesting nothing but apple juice, prune juice, and a little olive oil throughout the day.

Being the minimalist that I am, I quickly did away with the prune juice, olive oil, and fasting. In the morning, on an empty stomach, I would drink one glass of pasteurized organic bottled apple juice. That's it. I didn't ingest any prune juice or olive oil. And I didn't fast either. Actually, I fasted in the morning, but I ate a strict mucusless diet for lunch and dinner. In the morning, when I drank the apple juice, something truly bizarre would happened. A couple of minutes after drinking it, I experienced an extreme chronic pain in my abdomen. It was very intense; it was the same type of pain as being kicked in the gonads. It would last a few minutes then go away. Immediately after it went away, I would have an urge to have a bowel movement. While on the toilet, I evacuated massive amounts of amber globs. It came out as pure globs, unmixed with any feces. Here is a picture I took of one of these evacuations:
Just so that you understand the scale, it is within a large round plastic container about a foot diameter — these globs were massive. It is the only photo I took of it. It is some of the later globs. As I recall, the earlier globs looked just like this but were a lighter gold color amber.

Anyway, this would occur every two or three days for a couple months. Every two or three days I drank one small glass of apple juice, it caused intense pain, and massive amounts of amber globs came out. After a couple months it no longer occurred and my severe chilliness, my heart weakness/palpitations, my complete inability to have a bowel movement without having to take a suppository, as well as some other problems all miraculously went away and never came back.

It looks like Richard Anderson had a similar experience as I did — on page 86 of his book Cleanse & Purify Thyself Book One he said that during the first two cleanses it is common to see "amber or dark green, jelly-like goop" come out. He thought this stuff was "lymph". I think he got this idea from Dr. Christopher and Robert Gray. On page 5 of his book, Dr. Christopher said that his apple juice cleanse will break up mucus, or "catarrh" as he also called it, resulting in approximately three gallons of "toxic lymph" being eliminated. On page 23 of his book The Colon Health Handbook Robert Gray expanded upon this idea of a toxic lymph. He said that during fasting, body cells throw off "toxins", which are forced into the lymph where a mucoid substance (catarrh) is formed to hold them in suspension.

Dr. Christopher and Robert Gray are confused about human anatomy — the lymphatic system doesn't have a mucous membrane, thus it can't possibly produce mucus or catarrh. Robert Gray spoke of a lymph drain massage originating from ancient China that causes mucus from the lungs to drain into the intestines via the lymphatic system. But I had no chest congestion, and it is absurd to think that these massive globs could possibly fit inside anybody's lungs. It had to have originated from my gastrointestinal tract — remember, that's where I had my pain, and the gastrointestinal tract has a mucous membrane. During mucosal inflammation, exudate leaches from blood vessels located in the lamina propria and mixes in with the adherent mucus layer. That's what catarrh is; it's a mixture of mucus and exudate.

Albumin is the predominant component of exudate and has an amber color. I've been looking at bottles of albumin — some have a gold color, and some have an orange color. This is precisely the color of the globs I eliminated — the earlier globs (which I didn't take a picture of) were a gold color, and the later globs were a light to dark orange color. Experiments have shown that when albumin mixes in with mucus, it forms mucin-albumin complexes that is dramatically more viscous than mucus or albumin alone. As you might recall, Arnold Ehret, in his book Mucusless Diet Healing System, spoke alot about mucus and albumin (he used the word "albumen"). This is because his doctor diagnosed him as having Bright's disease with excess mucus and albumin in his urine. Arnold Ehret discovered that fasting on fruit dissolved and eliminated it — he thought it was either the sugar or acid in the fruit that was responsible for this effect.

The reason I gave this story to you in the context of having had taken Robert Gray's formula is because I'm thinking that his formula may have loosened up the mucoid cap allowing the apple juice to do what it did. I don't know. Maybe not. Whatever the case may be, I diagnosed myself as having systemic candidiasis — some people think that yellow or brown mucus in the stool can be a symptom of it. At this point in time, I take apple juice with the N-Acetyl Cysteine because I notice that, at rare times, the apple juice causes the same pain in the abdomen, except that it is very, very mild. It only does this when I take a "real" cleanser like NAC along with it. The apple juice just seems to give it a little extra kick sometimes.